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We introduce you to the merchant services products from ACB Caribbean.

In a growing and evolving technological era where persons are attracted to convenient, hassle fee and cash less methods to make payment and thereby conduct business the availability of POS/ merchant services are essential to the success of your business.

Our merchant services product is twofold, and contain the following services:
  • POS Terminal
  • E-Commerce payments
1. Proof of Identity:
  • This is required for each of the beneficial owners/principal directors and authorized signatories
  • Acceptable forms of identification are limited to two (2) government issued identification documents, valid passport(s) – mandatory - along with, a driver’s license/voter’s identification card/medical benefit or social security card

2. Proof of Income:
  • Financial Statements for the last business year
3. Verification of Address: (one of the below listed)
  • Statement from a reputable bank (no more than three months old)
  • Statement from a recognized credit card provider (no more than three months old)
  • A utility bill (no more than three months old)
  • NB. If you have your mail sent to a P.O. Box, we still need to know and confirm your residential address. We also have to be able to link this P.O. Box to your residential address. To help us do so, please provide us with a utility bill showing both your residential address and the P.O. Box address
4. Bank Reference Letter
    5. Corporate Documents must include:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • A notarised copy of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
    • Notice of Directors and Notice of Registered Offices
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • Most recent Annual Returns
    • Company Resolution appointing ACB Caribbean as the company’s bankers
    • Company Seal
    Our POS terminal allows your customers to make payments to you via their VISA® and MasterCard® Debit or Credit Cards, which will be applied to your account the next business day after settlement of the terminal. We have signed on to the AMEX platform and are currently putting the final touches to accept AMEX card payments via our merchant services platform. These terminals are provided to you free of cost. However if damaged, a cost will be charged for the damaged terminal. The POS terminals attract an annual administrative fee and a commission on all settled transactions. We provide support for the terminals in regards to any issues which may arrive during operation, free of cost. The terminals offered can be programmed to utilize one of three connections, namely: Internet, Telephone and Wireless The E-Commerce platform facilitates payments to be made via the internet through your website. To obtain this service a one-time fee is charged for the set-up of the e-commerce account. Transactional fees for this service is charged in addition to a commission for all completed transactions.
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