Home Equity Loans/Renovations

If you’re considering home renovations or looking at ways to pay for new appliances or furniture, apply for an ACB Caribbean Home Equity Loan. You can borrow at a low-interest rate using the equity you’ve built in your home.


Here is how..

General Requirements

  • Proof of Identification (Two government issued picture IDs, one of which must be a passport)
  • Proof of address – recent utility bill, bank statements, credit card statements, or an up to date lease agreement if you are renting
  • Proof of income – Employment/Job letter/ Pay Slips for the last three (3) months
  • Bank statement on loan accounts held at another financial institution

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How to Apply?

Home Equity Loans/Renovations


Mon - Fri (8am - 4pm)

Head Office 1-268-481-4200

Market Street 1-268-480-1177

Home Equity Loans/Renovations

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