Certificates of Balance

This is an official statement of your balance(s) on account(s) at a specific date, addressed to a named party. See our Service Fee Schedule Number: 1-268-481-4221 Email for more info


These are negotiable instruments issued on your behalf and payable to whomever you require. We issue drafts in six currencies: EC$(Eastern Caribbean), US$ (United States), £ (British Pound), Canadian CDN, Euros and BDS (Barbadian). See our Service Fee Schedule Number: 1-268-481-4221 Email for more info

Safety Deposit Boxes

Small steel lockers installed for use during banking hours by customers to place important documents &/or valuable items. Rental fees are dependent on the size of the box. See our Service Fee Schedule Number: 1-268-481-4221 Email for more info

Certificates of Deposit

Our fixed deposits are priced to provide competitive returns to discerning investors who require a guaranteed return. We also offer flexible terms such as 12 months.

Number: 1-268-481-4221
Email for more info

Convenience Banking


Banking must fit into your way of life that is why we offer eight convenient locations. Withdraw, Deposit, Transfer Funds or just check your account balance. There are other good reasons to use this service such as:

  • The service is easy to use
  • Bank at your convenience
  • No need to wait in lines to have access to your funds
  • Eight island wide locations: ACB Caribbean Head Office, ACB Caribbean Mortgage & Trust - High Street, ACB Caribbean - Market & High Streets, Village Walk, V.C. Bird International Airport, Perry Bay Supermarket, Town House Mega Plaza and Codrington, Barbuda
  • Make deposits to chequing and savings accounts
  • Monitor account balances
  • Your Debit Card is secure with the use of your personal identification number (PIN)
  • Pay utility bills

ACB Caribbean Digital Banking

ACB Caribbean offers the latest in Digital Banking Technology.
Bank anywhere and anytime using our ACB Smart App or Login on any device via the web interface. Our goal is to facilitate how you conduct your transactions, providing 24/7 secure access, that you can rely on.

Online Banking

Stay connected, anywhere at any time with ACB Smart Online Banking.

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ACB Smart App – Mobile Banking

The ACB Smart App is loaded with a host of innovative features, right at your fingertips.

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Foreign Exchange Rates

Effective July 15, 2024

BARBADIAN DOLLAR BBD 1.3500 1.34320 1.35680
CANADIAN DOLLAR CAD 1.9457 1.9162 2.0232
EURO EUR 2.7762 2.7704 3.1158
UK POUND STERLING GBP 3.4765 3.4035 3.5896
US DOLLAR USD 2.6882 2.6700 2.7169


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